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CPRE’s reaction to the new planning reforms (NPPF)

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has welcomed the statement to Parliament by Planning Minister Greg Clark, but will now be examining the detail prior to commenting at greater length later today.

After an initial quick reading of the final NPPF, Shaun Spiers, Chief Executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), says:

“We were very reassured that Greg Clark recognised the intrinsic value of the ordinary countryside ‘whether specifically designated or not’ and stated that the five principles of the UK Sustainable Development Strategy are included in the document. These were critical issues for CPRE. We are pleased the Minister appears to have listened to the strong public views, which mirrored our concerns.

“We now need to carry out a thorough analysis of the final document. While recognising the scale of the housing crisis, we remain very concerned to ensure that the Planning Framework does not place undue emphasis on short-term economic growth at the expense of other important long term, public interest objectives of planning, including the protection and enhancement of the environment.

“We are also concerned about the length of the transition period, which at 12 months will pose serious challenges to many local authorities. We hope these councils will be given adequate support to get their plans in place. This will be critical if local people are to have a real voice in planning decisions.


Notes to Editors

[1] Department of Communities and Local Government, National Planning Policy Framework, 27 March 2012